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Late. Pt. Sri Kedar Nath Mishra
The Legendry Astrologer

Pt. Sri Kedar Nath Misra was a universally revered astrologer and religious fervor. His vision of a stress-free, prospering society through the values of Astrology has given direction to the lives of many. Pt Kedar Nath Misra was born in Radha Kund, Brij Kshetra of India on Ahoee Ashtami (October 9th 1935) to a Brahmin Hindu family living in the holy town of Vrindavan.

After completing a master’s degree in Fine Arts from Lucknow University in 1956, he felt increasingly attracted to the Oceanic Arts and Universal energies. After studying Prishna Kundali under the guidance of his Guru Baba Soordas he researched the several branches of Astrology, Palmistry and Vaastu Shastra. Here he entered into an Astro Retreat, enabling him to deepen his knowledge based on traditional Indian & western theories and applicable remedies.

He worked on more than 3,00,000 horoscopes & 2,50,000 palms, perhaps, the largest individual astrological research ever.

His astrological charity and has won him millions of admirers. He was a multi-faceted scholar whose researches included the spiritual governance, hard work, studies, experiments and most important of all a rational approach.

During his early years of Astro research, he frequently visited the Mental Asylum of Agra and with the permission of the head in charge, he deeply studied the palms of various mentally challenged persons. Later this research of Pt Mishra helped several families by astrological predictions and remedies.

His research on lunar effects on Humans has been a great milestone in Astrological Studies. He was consulted by several great Saints of India for Astrological Predictions in their spiritual growth.

Once he saw a crowd of approximately 25 people surrounding a poor man on road who was crying bitterly with pain and fear as a snake had bitten him. It did not take him long to make out that the man was a sweeper and no one was willing to touch him because of his low cast. Without wasting a single moment Pt. K. N. Mishra picked up the poor sweeper in his arms and headed towards the closest Hospital of the town. On entering the hospital, when the doctor’s were providing first aid to the patient, Mishra Ji was carefully reading his palm. Within few minutes Pt. Mishra took a deep sigh of relief as he had noticed only the snake bite line and not the line of death. He was considered to be a big support to the cosmopolitan society.

Few of his independent discoveries in palmistry are:
  • The line of cardiac infarction develops just few minutes prior to it.
  • The line of imprisonment develops one week prior to it.
  • The line of snake bite develops two days prior to the accident.
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